Separate hostels are established for boys and girls that provide feelings of ‘a home away from home’, and the establishments, at full strength, can accommodate around 2100+ students. The campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled.

We at UETR ensure that students can put maximum effort into curricular and extracurricular engagements. Reading rooms and mini libraries are available in each hostel, and the reading room in each hostel is equipped with materials like magazines, newspaper and books. We not only cater to their need for indoor sports such as chess and squash, but also on-field activities such as basketball and badminton, among many others.

Special care is taken to provide best and safe drinking water through water purifiers installed in each hostel. All the hostels are provided with uninterrupted power through back-up generators in order to provide a 24 hour electricity supply along with a solar geyser and more. Fire safety measures have been introduced in all the campus buildings.

To take care of the students’ health and well-being, and in case of unavoidable emergencies, the university has set up a 24*7 operational and fully staffed infirmary. In case of the cases being more severe, a fleet of ambulances are set up and maintained to take the students to the nearest hospital. Additionally, laundry services are available to all the residents of the hostels, wherein students can give in sets of clothes for washing every Friday.

The Boys’ Hostels

Our hostel rooms are spacious, semi-furnished and available on single or double occupancy. The boys hostels are named Aklank Bhawan, Arihant Bhawan, Ashok Bhawan, BCJ Bhawan, Gupti Sagar Bhawan and KundKund Bhawan. Indoor games are available in all the hostels, including common basketball and volleyball courts in front of Gupti Sagar Bhawan. A fully-equipped café is available in front of Ashok Bhawan which serves items tea, coffee, milk, soup, and snacks from 05:00 PM in the afternoon to 11:00 PM at night.

The Girls’ Hostels

The campus has two hostels for girls, namely Ahilya Bhawan and Tarawati Bhawan.The girls’ hostel is furnished with all necessary comforts, boasts extremely high security standards to meet the expectations of parents.

Similar to the boys’ hostels, indoor games are available here as well. A common basketball court is located near Ahilya Bhawan.

A café counter is available within premises of the girls’ mess which caters tea and snacks in the evening up to 11:00 PM.

Along with that, a fully operational 24*7 gym is open to all students seeking to better themselves through physical training.

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