School of Smart Agricultural Science

The School of Smart Agricultural Science at UETR was established with a focus on serving the nation through innovative, competitive, commercially oriented and scientifically sound agricultural practices.  We strive to raise a generation of first-rate agricultural entrepreneurs and agribusiness managers who manage and conserve agriculture products while paving the new, scientific way for sustainable agriculture.

We hope to speed up developments in the field through thorough research activity sand extension activities in agriculture at the National and International level. UETR has collaboration with Kuban State Agrarian University (KUBSAU), Krasnodar, Russia for Training, Internship and research. The impact of agricultural education will soon pave the way towards the development of a new breed of entrepreneurs, increased employment opportunities, higher earnings and better work environment.

Courses Offered

BSc. Ag.

MSc. Ag.

School of Smart Agricultural Science is UGC recognized, with its graduates eligible for employment anywhere in the country and abroad. There are multiple well-equipped labs with the necessary field equipment and research facilities for demonstration and independent project work.


  • To support and encourage undergraduate student learning in sustainable agricultural fields.
  • To collaborate with other national and international academic and research institutes for long term interaction.
  • To find out and improve new as well as traditional agriculture technologies for all the stakeholders.
  • To strengthen the employability and develop creativity of students by way of incorporation industry interactions.



Department Library Resources

The library is well equipped with an Intranet Wi-Fi system, CCTVs, UPS, AC system, Xerox machine, printers, computers and is organized with a specialized collection that includes:

  • 1174 Books in the field of Agricultural Sciences
  • The latest relevant magazines and newspapers
  • E-journals and e-books (Open Access)
  • ERP databases

Advanced Laboratories

There are multiple labs on campus for the students to research and experiment in:

  • Soil Lab
  • Entomology Lab
  • Pathology Lab
  • Microbiology Lab
  • Agronomy Lab
  • Genetics and plant breeding
  • Agro meteorology Lab
  • Horticulture Lab
  • Built from quality, experience and knowledge
  • Empowered by a well-rounded academic experience
  • Driven towards enhanced employability prospects
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