Alumni Achievements


The university has helped shape many careers across our long history and guided some of the most eminent personalities in India on their chosen fields of excellence.

Ms. Anchal Saini

Ms. Saini belonged to the MBA batch of 2016, and is currently the Sales Manager of Actionable Science.

A message from her reads: College is the place where I learnt how to excel in my life, thanks to my teachers who showed me the right path to grow.

Ms. Yogeeta Semwal


Ms. Semwal belonged to the MBA batch of 2017 and is currently the Project Manager at B.T.Q (3Graphic) in Vietnam.

A message from Ms. Semwal reads: College has molded my personality and clarified my vision of the future. I am very grateful to the institute for providing guidelines and motivation to inspire me to achieve my goals.

Ms. Shikha Sharma


Ms. Sharma was part of the MBA batch of 2013 and is currently an HR officer.

A message from her reads: My college days are unforgettable and in fact are the most happiest & most fruitful days in my life. I proudly feel that I cherished every moment of my university life. I got infinite love & lessons from my teachers, there were teachers who made me do the hard work for the way to success.

Mr. Gaurav Kumar


Mr. Kumar was part of the B. Tech (CSE) batch of 2004 and is currently the Partner and Principal of the Clarity Consulting Group in Oslo, Norway. He is an extremely successful entrepreneur, advisor and consultant in multiple organizations.

Mr. Shashi Prakash Singh


Mr. Singh belonged to the B. Tech (CSE) batch of 2007 and is currently the Chemistry teacher at KOTA classes in Rajasthan. His biggest achievement was providing free Chemistry classes to people who lost the earning members of their family during COVID-19.

Dr. Sugam Sharma


Dr. Sharma belonged to the B. Tech (CSE) batch of 2003 and has worked on global hunger problems as well as having his work published on feed hunger, which got international media attention, after which he was interviewed by several media outlets. Dr. Sharma is the Founder/CEO of (USA).

Ms. Antra Agarwal

Ms. Agarwal was part of the MBA batch of 2018 and is currently an Advanced Associate at Ernst and Young.

Mr. Anoop Singh

Mr. Singh belonged to the B. Tech (CSE) batch of 2005 and is now the Director (Asia Pacific) of Grunner AG.

A message from Mr. Singh reads: To be successful in their careers one should have larger future goals, understanding their key strengths which differentiate them from the talent pool. It may be a personality attribute as well.This includes continuous focus and improvements on key deliverables in the job. Empathy with the team, no politics, an attitude of vision creation and sharing as well as leadership values, creating examples, preferring smart work over hard work in today’s world and packaging your career graph nicely becomes important.

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