Industry Tie Ups

UETR’s Industry Partners

To develop a strong practical sense of personal growth and development, UETR has established relationships and collaborations with multiple national and international powerhouses. We intend to be the driving force behind our students readying themselves to find a career path and a company that suits their personality, their interests and career goals.

Additionally, we aim to show them what it is like to shoulder responsibility for a multinational corporation.

Please note that these tie-ups are in the process of being established.

UETR’s Industry Partners


Huawei’s Industrial Training, also known as the HIT, is a premier, streamlined process which provides the cutting-edge ICT training to the university students to bridge the university-Industry gap and help to make students employable.

HIT comprises of a standard program which includes theory class & lab training. However, this program will be adjusted as per the local needs such that the theory and lab training is not less than 40 hours, and students will also get Industry Experience of minimum 20 hours off campus at their own food, lodging & travelling expenses. The essence of association is to build a world class skill and facilitation infrastructure development so the parties agreed to put forward their best infrastructure and manpower for its success.


Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Asia’s leading advanced industrial automation training company having fully equipped, asset backed facilities across 21 branches in 10 Indian states. Prolific imparts extensive, in-depth, hands-on practical training to graduate and undergraduate engineers and experienced working professionals on diversified industrial automation platforms currently used in the industry and equips trainees with skill sets necessary to function effectively in technology intensive areas of industrial asset management, maintenance, projects, production, and international project consultancy.

Prolific bridges the gap between academics and industry by creating immediately employable, multi-skilled manpower resources that can enhance productivity and efficiency of industrial operations. Prolific’s training modules are designed based on industry feedback and are geared to give fresh graduates a solid, practical hands-on experience on hardware assets and software used in various engineering streams like control systems, electrical systems, instrumentation systems, hydraulic-pneumatic systems, panel designing, and embedded systems.

IBM Software Lab for Emerging Technology

IBM has collaborated with UETR under the Faculty of Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Cloud Computing and Big Data & Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT). The Post Graduate M.Tech programs are designed to train the students in the areas of Computing and Information Technology and provide specialization in cutting-edge technologies that are driving the next wave of innovation and growth. 

Under this collaboration and in line with IBM Career Education program, the UETR has set up IBM Software Lab for Emerging Technologies with in campus that will help students and faculty members master advanced Information Technology (IT) skills needed for a 21st century workplace. Students will undergo experiential learning modules along with innovative curriculum jointly developed and taught by IBM and university, while working on projects that emanate from real-world business scenarios. This approach will help to foster the innovative and research capabilities in the students. The programs will be jointly delivered by IBM subject matter experts from its India Software Labs and university faculty. Relevant IBM software and curriculum content will be available to the faculty members and students in the lab to earn credits towards their degrees.

PHD Chamber of Commerce

The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established in 1905, is a proactive and dynamic national apex chamber, working at the grass-root level and with strong national and international linkages.

The chamber acts as a catalyst in the promotion of industry, trade and entrepreneurship. Through its research-based policy advocacy role, the chamber positively impacts the economic growth and development of the nation.

The PHD Chamber is more than an organization of the business community, as it lives by the chosen motto ‘Skilling India for Global Competitiveness’ and contributes significantly to socio-economic development and capacity building in several fields.

IBM Campus Connect

Campus Connect is a unique academia-industry initiative to “architect the education experience”. its goal is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions in India and abroad for mutual benefit; producing “industry ready” recruits.


Currently, Infosys has about 300 engineering colleges and universities all over India under its wing and UETR is one of them.

Infosys aligns the college curriculum with the industry’s requirements, and works with educational bodies towards implementing it. They organize seminars and training sessions for the faculty to give them an industry perspective, enabling them to train students accordingly.

Along with that, Infosys designs industry-oriented topics, and provides the courseware to students, giving them projects to do, and also providing sabbaticals for the faculty. The Infosys courseware is published on our portal, to be viewed by member universities.

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